Special solutions


Not for nothing the company TESSERAUX carries the addition special packaging.

With years of experience and a wealth of know-how, we are able to find solutions for our customers who can not cope with a standard solution.

Call us and let us participate in your problem. We will advise you in the best possible way and make you suggestions for solutions and quick offers.

Product: Vermiculite

Vermiculite is filled in a four-cornered pouch made of needled fleece. Due to the shock-absorbing property, the packaging is well suited for the transport of fragile goods. Vermiculite packaging also has the property of binding leaking liquids and is required for various types of dangerous goods. We can offer you different designs as shown in the picture.

Product: TECOBAG for gas analysis

The TECOBAG for gas analysis is a four side sealed bag with an integrated plug. It is manufactured from a resistant aluminium compound. The filling and removal of the gases is made via a cock or a hose with cap. Customers for this product are particularly institutes and universities who are active in the field of gas analysis. We supply a great number of sizes, from 1 litre to 500 litres

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